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The company was founded in 1970 by Egyptian hands and experiences of American and English and operates under the supervision of quality and measurements of the world is environmentally friendly

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which is why we have many years of experience in the glue industry and know what the industry needs to satisfy the needs of our customer .

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50 Years Experience.

50 Years Experience by Egyptian hands and experiences of American and English.

Environmentally Friendly.

quality and measurements of the world is environmentally friendly is turning the remnants of massacres.

Modern Production

Modern Production line with quality control system.

Welcome To Elephant

Our mission is to deliver and supply the most noteworthy quality products to our clients utilizing sustainable procedures that meet the most elevated global standards of environmental control. We trust that profoundly talented and motivated employees are the way to accomplishing our goals and we will keep on providing outstanding training and investment in their future.

Our vision is to participate consistently in extending our generation limits and expanding our production capacities with a specific end goal to meet the epidemically developing worldwide demand and therefore hold our position at the front of the industrial business.


Accept our individual and collective responsibilities, fulfill our obligations, and bear our own responsibility


empowering our talented employees to do the work and do the right thing.


We encourage leadership amongst employees.

Life and Health:

We strive to improve our well-being, our working conditions, and the surroundings we live in.


All team members are encouraged to exchange their views and opinions openly.


Our team team support for their efforts.

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2019 Dec

At the beginning we must talk about the advantages of bone meal:

- High level of d.

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